Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What’s the trick that can turn anyone into your friend?

Talking to people has never seems tough. Some people said that no matter you are talking to a 3 years old kid or an 80 years old senior citizen, it will make no different if you own the communication skill. So, what’s the secret of the communication skill?

A friendly smile
The best way to break the ice is always by putting a warm and friendly smile while we talk. Once we smile, people will feel easier to approach us and talk to us. Very often, an unapproachable and cool look were created when we don’t smile, hence, strangers may find it hard to communicate with us.

Seek for common interests
Always probe for clues to the person’s interests and take times to analyze the people we are talking to. Our conversation will become smoother when we hit the “hot button”. People always love to talk to those who share the same interests as they do.

Make them feel good about themselves without being sarcastic
Most people need other people to ensure them that they are good and give them confidence. Sometimes, what we need to do in order to make them feel good when they are around us is just by giving them encouragement when they need it.

Always be positive about life
Nobody will love to be around people who are pessimistic and always complaining about how bad their life had been going. Our emotions were easily affected by the people around us. Therefore, if we are always optimistic and feel contented with our life, people around us will feel more relax and enjoy talking to us.

Use an appropriate language when communicate with different groups of people
Bear in mind that every group of people had their unique ways of communication. E.g. when we are talking to kids, often we shows a commanding way which will brings up a tense environment and make them felt hard to communicate with us. Hence, if we want to mix well with them, we must learn to speak in their language when communicating with them.

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