Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nice men always finished last?

No doubts women nowadays are getting more financial independence as well as more careers minded. Many women may not settle down for anything less than the best. No longer had they felt the need to get married just because they had reached the marriage age.

Let’s Admit It: No matter how strong a woman shows, still she had her own weaknesses. At certain times, she still needs someone to support her. And yet she is still single. WHY?

Some of my friends are pretty, smart, capable and have the qualities which should have not kept them from being single. Somehow, they are still single and yet they always asked, “Where have all the dateable men gone?”

Kate, a 29-year-old manager, bumped into an Indian guy (let’s called him Mr. X) while she went to the gym for RPM classes. Mr. X got her contact number from the class’s registration sheet and started to texted her. Kate was curious to have received the text messages from a stranger; hence, she replied and asked for clarifications. Mr. X introduced himself as a 39-year-old ex-lawyer switching to be a businessman and insists on making an appointment to meet Kate in the gym. Out of her curiosity, Kate agreed to meet him. Kate wasn’t interested in Mr. X but wouldn’t mind of keeping him as a friend as he seems to be quite a gentleman after all. Therefore, Kate didn’t want to miss out the future possibility. Things gone worse when Mr. X sends tons of text messages to Kate everyday and Kate couldn’t even bother to reply. Mr. X turned out to be a stalker when he found out that Kate refused to accept his flowers and avoiding his text messages. Moreover, Mr. X started to lose his temper over Kate by sending her annoying text messages everyday, insisting that he was a good person who doesn’t even mind to be a homemaker and reminding Kate not to miss out the chances.

Guys being too aggressive and loses their patients in a short period of times is a totally turn off behaviors. Women can survived being single yet living happily and therefore, they would never allowed any men to threaten them for losing up a chance to settle down. Those men who claimed themselves as too-good-to-be-miss are always the not-so-nice leftovers; hence, it is always the right choice to eliminate them as soon as possible.

Vivian and Justin used to shared every of their expenses during their outings. Both of them were working in a listed corporate with a high-pay job. At the beginning stage, Vivian wouldn’t mind to pay her own shares of expenses. Soon as they proceed, Vivian moved-in into Justin’s house, Justin begins to divide every single cents of the household’s expenses equally and asking Vivian to pay. In additions, Vivian will have to do most of the household’s chores as Justin was always working overtime in the office. Also, she was only allowed to hang out with her girlfriends after she got the permissions from Justin. As times passed-by, Vivian realized that her expenses were getting higher, spending on some unnecessary stuff that Justin insisted on buying and she lost her freedom and happiness she used to have when she was single. She decided to break up with Justin and back to her single life. To her surprise, Justin requested to collect back all the gifts he had given to Vivian as it was paid by him.

It is a totally jerk’s behavior for taking back all the gifts given after a broke up. In a relationship, not everything can be divided equally, it is always give-and-take. Although women nowadays are more financially capable, they are not meant to be taken advantages of. It will always leave them with doubts to stay in the relationship for long term if everything were to be share equally. When a woman got pregnant, can the man split up the months of the child in the mother’s womb and share the pains?

Sometimes I wondered, if the phrases of “Nice men always finished last” is true, where do all this nice men gone? My girlfriends told me once, most nice men were either married or in a serious relationships, therefore, what’s left in the market are only the not-so-nice leftovers.

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