Friday, September 5, 2008

Perfect Diet

There are lots of diet plans and weight-loss programs that we can see in the market such as Mediterranean Diet, Glycemix Index Diet, Atkins Diet, Slim Fast Diet, Vegetarians Diet and etc. Somehow, people had always neglected the facts that the perfect diet program is which we can continue to follow throughout our life.

Most of the diet programs help us to control the daily calories intake as well as fats intake. We will tend to lose few pounds at the beginning of the new diet program but the result will soon become stagnant when our bodies get immune to it. As we are satisfied with the results, we will always switch back to our normal eating habits and thus gained back the weights that we had lost.

To find the perfect diet program, we must understand ourselves clearly. It is always hard for a person to let go of their favourite foods for long term. Hence, the effective way to lose weights and keep the weights that we had lost is always by following a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle.

Quite often, we don’t practice what we preach. This happens as we can’t change our old lifestyle completely overnight. To start switching into a more healthy diet and healthy lifestyle, it doesn’t mean of letting go our favourite food completely. For example, we can start from cutting off ¼ of the normal serving portion of meats from our meals. Follow by adding more vegetables and fruits into our daily diet. By this way, we can slowly practice eating healthily without the needs to sacrifice our favourite foods. Also, we can always try to opt for a lower calories or lower trans-fats foods as a substitute to our routine diet. For an example, we can choose to have skim-milk instead of full cream milk when drinking freshly-brewed coffee, using sugar-free fruits jam instead of normal jam on our toast or eating noodles with clear soup instead of fried noodles.

Simply by choosing our foods wisely and practicing a healthier lifestyle, we can lose the extra inches effectively and keep it for long term.

P.S: Always bear in mind, by frequently switching to a new diet program when the old ones are no longer useful is similar to a yoyo-diet which is harmful to the bodies


  1. hi monica,good to knew u r so well at kk..i'm ur student at cheras plaza for chi pilates,that botak old man.i love those Zen stories,is really good.good on u

  2. Hi,how are you? Is great to heard from you.I do miss the days when I'm teaching in KL.Miss you guys at cheras plaza too.