Thursday, September 18, 2008

Big corporate VS Small corporate

No doubt, as an employee, we will always prefer working in big corporation compare to small corporate as the brand name of the corporation itself shown our sense of achievement and capability. Our impressions for big corporation are always better remunerations, higher possibility of promotion, easier for job’s hoping in future and greater satisfactions.

We always overlooked the prospects in big corporation and neglected the future prospects in small corporate. Always we had forgotten that every big corporation was once small. Some of the higher management people in the big corporation were once a small soldier in the corporate multitasking and fighting hard for the corporate to grow. Thus as the corporate grew, they were being promoted.

From a better point of views, working in a small corporate although might have more work loads, somehow, it helps to train us to be more efficient and increase our productivities. If we are capable enough to handle all the tasks given, our boss will always felt heavy-hearted to let us go, hence, he/she will tend to offer us with a better remunerations just for the sake to keep us staying in the corporate. Sometimes, the remunerations offer might be better than what we can get in big corporation. “My boss bought me a Toyota Wish after I accidentally banged my company’s car which is a Perodua Myvi,” says Jane, a 28-year-old sales representative in a small corporate.

Few years back, when I was a new grad from school, paying high hopes to work in big corporation was my first priority. As I was lacked of experiences, I was only able to get into a small accounting firm which offers ‘peanut’ pay. I was a newbie then, everything seems to be fresh and I’ve to start learning from zero. It takes me few months to pick up everything and to handle full set accounts for seven companies individually. The work loads is much and the period given were always short.

Sooner, I was given a few opportunities to enhance my skills. No longer have I needed to stay in the office’s desk all the time. I was being sent out for extra training. In additions, I was being promoted as my boss’s assistant whom responsibility is to train-up new staff in newly start-up big corporation, checking errors of the job done by colleagues and to ensure all the accounts to be completed before the due date. Also, I was given an extra advantage to work only three days a week with a higher pay.

Being sent to newly start-up big corporation, I was able to see the capability of the staff. Although my experience wasn’t as much as the trainee’s staff in the corporate, my knowledge was more as my job scope were larger. The trainee’s staff were only be able to handle part of the company’s accounts, therefore, their knowledge were very limited. Their office politics were much more complicated as everyone was trying hard to prove their capability and striving hard for promotion.

After all, maybe we should start thinking of working for a small corporate the next time we plan to switch job.

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