Friday, August 15, 2008

Perfect Partner

Often in our life we dream about the perfect partner. Some says God created humans in a pair, therefore, in order to complete our life, we have to find our significant others (Mr. / Mrs. Right).

Throughout the process of looking for our Mr. / Mrs. Right, we will always set-up a checklist of expectations. Some will go for the looks, some will go for the internal beauty and some will go for both. If we are lucky enough, we’ll have found our Mr. / Mrs. Right, if we are the unlucky ones, maybe we’ll have to work harder and keep searching.

Do I have a checklist? Hmmm…I think I have a checklist too…6Cs…No, no…you’re wrong. I’m not talking about cash, career, car, credit card and condo. These are my 6Cs:

Caring – someone who really care about me.
Comfortable – someone who can let me be myself.
Compatible – someone whom I can really talk to.
Career – someone who will strive hard for success.
Cash – someone who can provide me a simple life.
Condo – someone who can let me feel secure.

I guess it is not too much to ask, though. I only wish to have a simple life. Nothing much, but it’s always easier to be said than done. ‘What about looks?’, one of my friends asked. In my point of view, only people who had great personalities will seem attractive. It’s always our inner beauty that makes us glow. To me, beauty seems to be fragile, it’s just like a beautiful wrappers, what’s really counts is still the fillings. A beautiful girl or a handsome guy perhaps, will only catch our eyes at the first sight. For this, I’ve to admit that humans are always attracted to beautiful things. However, after some times, the speciality on their look will be gone, what’s keep them shining is still their inner beauty.

My conclusion:
Just be thankful if you are born with a decent looks but don’t be sad if you are not because the inner beauty you have will always makes you glow and overcome others. It’s not how you look that counts but is how you bring yourself. A person may not be beautiful/handsome but if they carried themselves with confident, they may catch your eyes too.


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