Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fate or Faith…

Definition of:
Fate - something that unavoidably befalls a person; fortune
Faith - confidence or trust in a person or thing

To believes in fates and let the fates control you or to believes in faiths and overcome the fates? A very confusing yet complicated question… I always believed in fate but I’ll never let fate control me. That’s my answer.

Fifty percents in our life are depends on the fates but the remaining fifty percents are still in our hands. Sounds interesting now! Let me show you an example here:

Fates say, ‘You are going to be a millionaire’. There is a math here:

a) Lazy + Wait for the money to fall from the skies = Penniless
b) Hard work + Strive for success = Millionaire

Fates say, ‘You are not going to be successful’.

a) No contribution + Lack of confident = Not Successful
b) Hard work + Confident = Successful

By now, you should have seen a clearer picture. If we believe in fates, but we never work hard for it, our fate will change. If we have faith in ourselves and work hard to overcome the fate, again, our fate will change.

Everything seems to have pros and cons in our life. Nothing is perfect. Quote for today, “Never regret for what you’ve done, only regret for what you’ve not done”. Our future is still in our hands.

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