Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is often referred to as a ‘small lion’. Originated in Tibet but are most associated with China where they were highly revered as a palace pet and prized companion. The Shih Tzu is well-known as an active, happy and affectionate breed. They are stubborn and clever. This affectionate little dog needs to be with people and are generally good with other pets. They make excellent watchdogs. However, they expected to be treated as royalty and are easily spoiled.

As I missed my cute little doggy, Mikey, I browsed the webs and googled about Shih Tzu. Looking at the photos and descriptions, the memory of my precious moments with Mikey keeps playing in my mind like a movie clips that never end.

I want fruits,please........

Mikey is a 5 years old Shih Tzu. He had been following me since he was 2 months old. He is a cute little doggy that had been spoiled and pampered all the time. Love to be around people and love to play with soft toys. Just like the owner, he loves to eat fruits and bread. He is a very smart doggy who will always cheer up people around him but will be naughty if he was left alone.

Me and my favourite soft toy!

With Mikey around, I’ve never felt lonely. He will always be there to greet me when I’m home, sitting by my side when I’m watching TV, sharing my fruits when I can’t finish, cheering me up when I was down and licking my tears away when I cry. He had been a very good companion to me and I can say that dogs are not men’s best friend; it should be human’s best friend.

I'm too tired playing with my toys...Zzzz

Been three months since the last time I saw Mikey. He knew I’m going to leave him again during the time when I was still in KL. Everyday, Mikey will try to stick by my side as much as he can. His behavior is much more like a human being, a baby that never grown up.

I’m looking forward on the day that I’ll be seeing him again. Hope it will be very soon…


  1. I thought "Shih Tzu" means 西施 (one of the ancient prettiest lady)?
    Anyway, if my dog is away (or instead I'm away), I really feel uneasy and sad. He has been such an important part in my life.

  2. haha...i've heard about that description as well because Shih Tzu use to stay in the palace during the ancient times.

    I agreed with you too.I miss my dog so much and I always felt that something is missing in my life.

  3. I got a dog named Mikey too... but he died when im primary 5 :( thinking to get a new dog but i need to work, cant take care of it.

  4. what a consider..yaya..no time to take care btter don't adopt a dog..very big responsibility

  5. ya.. its better lo.. so when im free i will go to any pet shop to play with them... although the 'tauke' there always pursuade me to buy.. haha

  6. Hi there...
    I have a new puppy. He's 2 month old. His name is Danny. He's very active. But, when I bring him to take a walk at the park, he became so scared and always trying to ran away. What should I do???

  7. I think the word Shih Tzu is probably derived from an Englishman's interpretation of the spelling of the chinese sound of the word.

    If you pronounce Shih Tzu in mandarin, it really sounds like Lion in chinese.

    I used to have 3 beautiful Shihtzu till they passed away a year back. It's still heartbreaking for me.