Friday, August 8, 2008

Another Day...

A day full with inspirations,
A day full with challenges,
And a day full with memories.

Just be grateful that we are still here,breathing silently in this space.

Wake up early in the morning,in a beautiful day,
As usual going to my studio and have a coffee break in the office while checking on my mails and facebook.Sounds relaxing,huh…I used to be feeling insecure when I was in the Zone.Wondering when my next payment coming,wondering when I’ll be kick out because someone backstabbed me,wondering who is the potential backstabbers and wondering when the company will ever collapse because of the mismanagement.

Couldn’t be deny that I’m still feeling insecure.It’s just a new beginning of my studio,still I’ve to worry about my current sales,cash flows and plans but I’m just glad that everything are still in control.

Like everyone else,I’m still a human who have to face the obstacles.Yet,I try to keep myself calm everyday because I always bear in mind what’s my Mum reminds me ‘when the right time comes,problems will be solve’,so,it’ll just be a matter of times.As long as we are still breathing here and our body are still moving,we will find a way to overcome every obstacles that arrives.

I don’t know what will happen next but I’ll just be thankful because YOU are here.Because of you,I no longer feel lonely,I no longer feel tired and I no longer feel scare.You give me strength to move on and you make me felt that I’m the luckiest person in the world.All I can say to you is just a simple ‘Thank you’ that truly comes from my heart.

Thanks GOD for sending me a guardian angel,
Thanks GOD for always fulfilling my dreams,
Thanks GOD for always listening to my whispers,
Thanks GOD for always showing me the right path to go,
Thanks GOD for guiding me to become a person,

And a millions more thank you for just being here when I need you.

No matter we are experiencing a good or a bad times now,life still goes on.
Life has ebb and flow with it.It is never static.
Everything that appears in our life has a lesson to teach us.Enjoy it,absorb it,and learn from it.There is nothing called an accident in this intelligent universe.

And this is what I learned today.

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