Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ups and Downs in Life

It’s been two days since I was back to teach at Yfitness. The feelings I had were totally different. I can truly felt the warmness welcomes by the members. Although this were a times when Yfitness are having a serious downfalls, it was my pleasures to have come back and helps around by replacing some classes.

During this bad time, you can really see the true colours of the people. Some members will chose to appreciated the innocent staffs for still working and keeping the club operates but some, will chose to scold, made complaints and spread out more rumours about the innocent staffs. Seriously speaking, it got nothing to do with the staffs, they are just working.

I did learn a lot by observing the downfalls in Yogazone as well as Yfitness. I’ve been working for them since the beginning of their glory times until the downfalls came. The experiences I had, have really open up my mind.

For people who were affected by Yogazone or Yfitness downfalls, I hope this simple article I wrote in my previous blog will cheer you up.

“Every aspects of life are a series of ups and downs. You have summer and winter, day and night, work and play.

You might feel sad at this moment and feel happy at the other moment. You get a job and you may lose it. You fall in love and then back out of love. One day maybe full with energy, the other day maybe full of challenge just to get out from your bed.

Life has never been stagnant. It’s contained a mixture of ups and downs and we learn from both perspectives. It is in experiencing the downs of life that we gained greater enjoyment from the ups of life.

During the challenging times, just bear in mind “This too shall pass.” Well this is as appropriate when the wonderful things of life come as I believed that everything goes ups must comes downs. Life has ebb and flow with it. It is never static.

If you are in one of the up times, enjoy it, absorb it and learn from it. It is never too good to be true as you truly deserve it. Definitely be aware of the surroundings but looking for demons when they are not around are a waste of time and energy.

Remember that experiencing a down time in your life does in no way mean that you are living in a bad life. You are not a victim nor do you have a black cloud over your head. Just take a deep breath, cheer up and move on…as good time is just waiting for u ahead.”


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