Friday, October 1, 2010

Does a New Love Equals to a New Iphone 4?

Losing the sparks seems to be a natural phenomenon in a long term relationship. As a matter of fact, most of these relationships experience an ebb and flow that is quite normal and to be expected. The normal ebb and flow of a relationship seems to involve at least three distinct stages: ``in love,'' ``out of love'' and ``wanting out.'' No doubt, some may still buy the idea of falling in love and living happily ever after, but the new generations seems to be taking things more easily. Love come and go in just a flash. The same applies to our love for a new gadget.
Well, just put ourselves in the picture, before buying our current phone, we took a survey, made some comparisons then finally, we picked 'the one’ that we wanted the most. As in a relationship. We chose 'the one’ whom we love the most.
The fun, passion and excitement leaves us hopelessly in love.
Then, we get used to our phone. The initial euphoria subsides. The phone now become a necessity, rather than something that we are proud of.
 While in a relationship, some may even go to the extend of describing the significant half as “a roommate”.
The new Iphone 4 finally (and officially) reached our shores. You may have your doubts and reservations. You want an Iphone 4 so badly but deep down inside, you’re more than comfortable with your current phone. Its just emotional desire thats playing a joke on you.
More often, when a new guy/woman comes into our lives and captures our heart, we have that same doubts and reservations. We couldn’t differentiate whether it is lust or love.  We enjoy the thrill of a chase when new ‘love’(or lust) appear in your life but at the same time we prefer the predictability that dictates life with your current squeeze.
Now that you've bought your new Iphone 4, and the inevitable (and vicious) cycle repeats itself over and over again...After all, they never seem to stop churning out those damn things.
As for your relationship, well, lets hope there's an app in your gadget to help you with that one.

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