Saturday, October 23, 2010

Private Yoga/Stretch Session - One on One or Group (Kota Kinabalu and Kuala Lumpur)

Since I've been recieving a lots of email, asking about Private Yoga Session and my charges, I'll published it here
I'm up for hire as your Yoga Teacher 
Charges from RM200-RM400 per session of 90mins - 120mins (One on One training or Maximum of 20 people) *Charges are taking into consideration base on location or venue*
Hire me for 1 whole month with the maximum of 20 Yoga sessions, Charges: RM3500
Hire me for 1 whole month with the maximum of 40 Yoga sessions, Charges RM5000
Special request of 2 Yoga Teacher in 1 session, Charges: RM350-RM500 (depends on location)
*Charges for Tremor Yoga/ Vibration Stretch per session (90-120mins), RM500
For cheaper and more affordable, my advise is to join the gym, join ALL FIT @ BLUE SEVEN PENAMPANG, Tel: 088-701 828. Angeline & Monica Yoga's Classes are available at ALL FIT
My younger sister "Monica" ( above: seated split)
Type of Yoga/Training available:
Power Yoga, Flow Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yogalates, Tremor Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Detox Yoga, Fat Burning Yoga and Pilates
If you're interested email us your contact or message me on facebook


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Tel: 088-701 828
Angeline & Monica Yoga's Classes 
are available at ALL FIT

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