Saturday, October 23, 2010

Malaysia "Food Haven" and cause of Obesity

Malaysian food is a unique culinary spectrum originating from multi-ethnic population that has united together sampling tastes, ingredients and cooking methods from each other.
Each state in Malaysia has something different to offer in terms of culinary delights.

Kuala Lumpur has the most diverse offering of foods from every part of the world, from 5 stars fusion cuisine to side-street hawker stalls.

Melaka, home for delicious Baba Nyonya food, serving it in historical look shophouses.

Penang is hawker food haven, where the most delicious food can be found at the side street hawker stalls and cheap.

Ipoh, many willing to make a day trip just to savour their local favourites e.g. Ipoh chicken and taugeh, Ipoh Hor Fun, white coffee and etc.

Kelantan serves exotic Malay food rich in flavour and colour. For best dining place choose where the most popular place, especially among the locals.

This multi-cultural Mlaysian Food has now come to be known all over the world. For gastronomic adventures fit for kings, the time is now, the place is Malaysia.

Ice Kacang (above), Kaya and Butter Toast for Malaysian breakfast, tea-time and snack
Local Favourite "Chee Cheong Fun"
Street Food
Cafe Food
Mamak Food and Side Street Hawker Food
Nasi Lemak

Despite living in a country with all the good food, we must seek a balance in our eating habit to avoid obesity.

Obesity is cause by downing too much of food
Worldwide epidemic isn’t to do with lack of exercise, but increased calorie intake

Professor John Speakman, a member of the Energetics Research Group at Aberdeen University, has been quoted in British newspaper, The Telegraph, saying that “"Over the past 25 years, during which time obesity levels have increased enormously, there has actually been no change in our levels of physical activity.”

In other words, despite our levels of activity remaining the same, people the world over are putting on large amounts of weight and it is simply because we eat far too much, and too much of the wrong foods. We are consuming a third more calories than we should be.

The paper writes that he stated that exercise and lifestyle changes aren’t enough, and the perceived notion that they will offset obesity is false, and that exercise won’t solve or stop the problem. While exercise is essential to your overall health, it is a person’s diet which will help to reverse the problem.

He said that it was all due to energy changes and that this can only be achieved through diet. "Since the 1980s when the obesity epidemic really took off there has been any change in energy expenditure. "We may watch television at night but that has always been a time when we were inactive. Before television there was sitting around reading or listening to the radio and now there is looking at a computer.”

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