Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Latest Designed: Ciclotte Stationary Bike

By Luca Schieppati

You can strike ‘poor aesthetics’ off the list of reasons why you won’t ride an exercise bike because the Ciclotte is quite literally a work of art. It turns out you can be a lot more creative with bike design when it doesn’t have to go anywhere, or when not limited by affordability.

The Ciclotte, a stationary exercise bike by Luca Schieppati inspired by his Ciclo concept bike that’s currently in permanent residence at the Milan Design Museum, actually makes art out of spin class.

The Ciclotte was designed by Luca Schieppati (based on an earlier concept bike he created) and is made from carbon fiber among other high-end ingredients. A “dual satellite epicycloid system” of four gears rotate an outer fly wheel four times for every rotation of the pedals, and additional resistance using magnets can be dialed in with a built-in touchscreen display. There’s no doubt it looks amazing, and they’ve got me pretty convinced you’ll get a good workout too.

Instead of a chain-driven system the Ciclotte uses a dual satellite epicycloids system that features four gears with varying cogs. Thus the bike doesn’t have a traditional drive train, and instead has gears that turn the magnetized main wheel, in turn creating a magnetic field and thus maximizing the level of resistance. Ciclottle will be launched in the UK at the 100% Design Show from 23-26 September 2010 at Earls Court, London.Finally I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t mind having this workout equipment in your living room, even when you’re not actually using it! For further information, please visit

Yours for USD$10,700 (price tag)

Permanent display at the Milan Design Museum

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