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Fit Borneo Convention @ Kota Kinabalu 17th-19th June 2011

 Join us for Fit Borneo Convention in
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
next year 17th-19th June 2011

Organised by Miss Fitness Malaysia and also a well known Dance Coach together with me and my sister Monica, join us for Dance Revolution, Belly Dance, Advanced Tremor Yoga (Level 2 and 3), Yoga and Pilates workshop.

"People dance because 1 move can bring people together, 1 move can make you believe like something more, 1 move can set the whole generation free"

We'll definitely let you achieving more results!

Ms.Mo Mo Meei Liew Mee Peng
Miss Malaysia Fitness 2004
Miss Sported Malaysia Body Fit 2005
Pop Jam World Chamipon 2005 and 2007
Miss Fame Dance Routines World Champion and Manila, etc
  • I am just a girl who understand the importance of passions within a soul of which can bring wonders in our life journey.
  • Dance moves is an art of communication, also inspirations and influences. Dancing is a healthy habit and discipline. Dance is the movements in my mind that complete my life with a smile.
  • Fitness and dancing is part of career development. Meeting and surrounding by all of you, my life will not be complete if there is no passion.
  • Competitions are not about winning, it is a form of raising the standard and quality of performing arts and sparkling our moves to you.
  • There is no loser in this arena. Courage is our best friend.

Performing Oversea

Dance Revolution, Belly Dance, Yoga and Pilates Workshop/Convention
3 days 2 nights (17th - 19th June 2011) workshop + accomodation and food (Twin sharing Accommodation), RM1299

Well-known Malaysia Dance Coach - Dance Revolution and Belly Dance

To promote: support our own well knowledge and experience Asian Fitness Trainer

Tremor Yoga - Experience it, first in Malaysia.

Fastest slimming yoga ever, lose 2 to 3 kg in 1 month and with therapeutic effect (previously I've taught Level 1 in the fitness centre I work with, get ready for Level 2 and Level 3).
Benefits: decrease cholesterol, high blood pressure, weight management, cure knee pain, lower back pain, scoliosis, slipped disc and etc...

Hot Yoga - Practising yoga under the hot sunny day, above 38 degree celcious, don't forget your sun tan

Power of Sun Salutation - Get a well tone and healthy body just by practising 2 set daily, fat burning effect, trust me, you will sweat like nobody business.

Pilates - Working on all your core muscles and rearrange your body structure. Cure scoliosis, slipped disc and etc.

Nutrition - Learn about healthy eating.

*10% of the profit will be donated to the charity "Food For The Hungry"

Food for the Hungry International (FHI) - We are comprised of many organizations who are unified in the pursuit of ending physical and spiritual hunger through community development.

We believe that a Vision of Community is needed to rise from poverty whereby churches are reaching out to their communities, leaders are solving the problems of the community and families are increasingly meeting each other’s needs. FHI also provides the basis for unity in the Food for the Hungry family. The family is comprised of the FH Association and FHI Federation and is represented by Greg Vestri and Rev. Tuk Su Koo respectively.

FHI Malaysia
City Gate, Unit No. C-2-3A, Block C, 2nd Floor, Plaza Tanjung Aru, Jalan Mat Salleh, Tanjung Aru, 88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Phone: (6)(088)240335
President: Mr. C.K. Tan
Executive Director: Rev. Koo Tuk Su

*Non-profit workshop, money from the fees will be used to sponsor featuring or guest master trainer/presenter/teacher/instructor

Join us for Fit Borneo Convention in 
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
next year 17th-19th June 2011
Langkah Syabas Beach Resort @ Kinarut


1 Smile 1 Malaysia Solo Dance Competition
Fit For Fun

In conjunction of Malaysia Youth Carnival Annual Futsal Tournament (Kejohanan Futsal 1 Belia 1 Malaysia), on this 18th Dec 2010 (Saturday), Ministry of Youth & Sports and 4m3g are co-organizing this dance competition with the title 1 Smile 1 Malaysia Solo Dance Competition.

Tagline of Fit For Fun, with the concept of 1 Smile 1 Malaysia. Objective is to search for hidden bright talents and also to bring out the Malaysia culture and to let everyone recognize those talents as dancers.

Appointed advisor for the event is Ms Mo Mo Meei Liew Mee Peng (

Main organizer and co-organizers are Ministry of Youth & Sports, 4m3g and 1608 Malaysian Performing Art.

Official Forums Media for the event would be

Venue : Kompleks Futsal Putrajaya, Presint 18
(Jalan P18d/12, Presint 18, 62150 Putrajaya, Federal Territory Putrajaya)
Date: 18th December 2010
Registration time: 12p.00m - 12.45pm
Time : 1.00pm - 5.30pm

Registration Fees : RM10 per finalist

Admission: Free for Public

Champion: RM1000 cash with Certificate
1st Runner Up: RM700 cash with Certificate
2nd Runner Up: RM500 cash with Certificate
3rd Runner Up: RM300 cash with Certificate
4rd Runner Up: RM200 cash with Certificate

Surprise prize of RM100 cash each for 3 impromptu and outstanding dancers during battle showcase to be awarded by Ms Mo Mo Meei.

Criteria of judging :
20% on choreography of the routines
20% on elements of dance skills and techniques
20% on tempo and sharpness of movements
15% on stage presence
15% creativity
10% on costume

Organizer will not be responsible for any injuries incurred during the event. Any sickness or chronic disease, crews are advised to seek for medical advice before joining.
Organizer will not be responsible for any losses of personal belonging.
Organizer has the right to disqualify participants for any misconduct or breach of rules and regulations.
Registration has to be made by 12.45pm, 18th December 2010. Organizer has the right to not entertain any registration being submitted after the time mentioned above.
Results are final and complaints will not be entertained.
Organizer has the right to disqualify participants for inappropriate attires.



1608 Performing Arts

Judges List:
Mo Mo Meei, Judge @ Advisor
Miss Malaysia Fitness 2004
Miss Sported Malaysia Body Fit 2005
Pop Jam World Chamipon 2005 and 2007
Miss Fame Dance Routines World Champion and Manila, etc

Izzat Emir (I E aka. Funkyman)

Izzat Emir aka. Funkyman was summoned as Hip Hop Breakdance Bboy in year 2001. Since then he strive to learn more of the dance and culture of Hip Hop. About 4 years spent in learning the culture before proceeding into more technical in terms of Hip Hop dance moves. In 2006, he started joining battles in between crews as well as performing at events. Since 2007, Funkyman has already performed in a lot of large events as well as winning quite a number of Bboy battles. He strives to learn and never stop learning. He has traveled around the world to continue learning of the Hip Hop culture. With all his experience and what he has gone through, his heart is open for sharing of what he has learnt with the coming generation. Since 2008, he has already started state movement in Malaysia for delivering his knowledge of dance as well as the rest of the team from all over the world; USA, France, Japan, Australia and Singapore. The objective is to pass knowledge gained to the next generation at the same time to bring Malaysia to the world stage.

Live Shows & Appearance
SHOUT Awards 2010
Manor Mega Launch Party 2010
Manor Soft Launch Party 2010
World Cup Final Street Party 2010
Taman Desa Theme Park Anniversary 2010
8TV Reality Show - Showdown Ambassador 2010
Plus Anniversary 2010
R16 Southeast Asia Tour brought to you by Korean Tourism 2010
Bboy Workshop Road Tour 2010
Lady GaGa Competition 2010
Best Bboy Crew in Malaysia 2007 - 2010
Korea Tourism World Tour Party 2009
Krazee Duck Ambassador 2009 - Present
TV3 Commercial 2009
TV3 Reality Show - Mentor 2009
Maxis Ambassador - Promo New Plan 2009
Celcom SOX Party - Marching Band & Cheerleader Competition 2009
AC Mizal Surprise Birthday Party 2009
Bboy Workshop Road Tour Collaboration with Singapore, Australia, Japan & France 2009
Celcom Promo Tour 2009
Dose Two 2009
Public Bank Mutual Anniversary 2008
U Mobile Launching 2009
Celcom Promotion in Pavilion 2008

Edwin Wong
Edwin Wong is the CEO of 4m3g. Although he is not a dancer, he appreciates the joy, passion and inspiration that dancers bring to stage and to their audience. Dance is one of the humanity's unifying forces as it is something that everyone can participate in and appreciate. As the CEO of 4m3g, he supports dance as a healthy outlet for youthful energy and creativity. He would love to congratulate all the participants in advanced - your courage, skill and dedication to your passion makes you all winners!

Simon Cheng
Simon Cheng is the founder of, Koncepthaus, Spaceform Design and

He is one of our country's pioneer conceptual designers. He has taken concept design to a greater level with his work and his passion. He was once awarded 'The Best Retail Window Display Artist' by Dato Tan Seri William Cheng at the age of 20. He was also the former VMD (Visual Merchandising Department) of Lion Group co. During his college period, he used to work part time at Bead Bar as costume jewelry designer.

Simon Cheng's design has been featured in numerous magazines, press and online articles. The work of Simon Cheng has been instantly recognizable and internationally well respected. His works has spanned across multitude of platforms, ranging from local to international market.

Currently, one of his major mission in is looking for expanding the networks from the influence of new media and info forum. Now he and his team are working on highly exciting projects nationally and internationally.

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