Saturday, March 14, 2009

What's the different between a West Malaysian and an East Malaysian?

I'm not playing "Spot the differences" here. Just a frustration I had being a West Malaysian who planned to settle down in the East.

Many of us who had visited Sabah will know that we are only allowed to stay for a maximum of three months. If we over-stayed, an approval to leave from the Immigration Department will be needed or else, we will be stop at the Kastam.

How about for those who had been married to the locals here or those who wanted to stay for long term? Being born and stayed in KL for the past 22 years, I had been educated that Malaysia is a country consisting of two geographical regions which is the West Malaysia and East Malaysia. However, looking at some of my practitioners who had been married to the locals here for more than ten years but still holding a permit to stay which have to be re-new every year had created doubtness in me.( Have I gone to another country out of Malaysia? They had been married here and some of their kids is even older than me. Holy craps!!)

I had been warned by them to pass my stuff to an agent in order to apply for the permit as I will be seeing some f***ing bitch's faces who will never approve my application if I go by myself. Ignoring the warning, few months ago, I went to apply the f***ing permit with my boyfriend. True enough, I wasn't successful as I met a ugly-fugly bitch who said, "Ini Malaysia punya, mesti check dengan teliti." ( What the fish? How about those Filipinos who were applying for the work permit at the same department? Am I an illegal immigrant? I felt than I'm worse than an illegal immigrant. F***). After all the hooh-hah she created, finally she rejected my application with an excuse that my documents were not complete. I was truly annoyed by her attitude as all my documents had been checked by her colleague before I was entitled to get a number for queing.

My stays in KK will soon be over-due, again I've to dig out all the relevant documents to apply for the f***ing yearly permit. After the lesson I had been thought, I will rather pay some money for the agent to settle up all the hassles.

P.S:For your information, those who were married to the bumiputera in Sabah can save all the hassles applying for the permit. This is the easiest way, you should think about it! Don't worry, Sabahan is not staying at the tree, they stay in a concreted jungle.


  1. all i can say Monica is that Malaysia is a very funny country, we want to be different but we always end up differently funny.

  2. Here in AnyThingCanLand, a little extra ($$$) can go a long way! If there's a bill (not will), there's a way! Guess who's sharing the agent's commission?

  3. eugene: Is true, they always said Singaporean are kiasu.. I think Malaysian sometimes can be more kiasu.

    9PEK9BO: Yeah, already knew who is sharing the commission and why they showed the ugly fugly face to me.