Thursday, March 12, 2009

Things You Shouldn't Wear In a Yoga Class!!

Guy: What attire should I wear when I go for your class?

Me: Anything that is stretchable but no loose short pants.

Guy: WHY?

Me: Erm...You know, sometimes, when you do certain pose, especially balancing pose like
III, you don't want me to see something that I shouldn't see, right? You get what
I mean?

Guy: Haha...Alright!! You experienced before? How did you react?

Me: Yup.How can I react? Pretending that I can't see and walkaway without adjusting.

So GUYs, next time if you are wearing loose short pants and you found me adjusting everyone but not you, you know what happen.

Girl: Why can't I wear loose T-shirt? Why should I wear body hugging tops? It's too

Me: Do you know what happen when you bend your body? You are revealing your body.

What I
mean here including your bra, your tummy or your cleavage.

A loose T-shirt is more revealing or a small T-shirt/ body hugging tops is more revealing? I think you know the answer better than me.

Oopss.. I never meant body hugging tops is a tiny sport bra, okay? Yup, I do wear sport bra once in a while but not a tiny sport bra because I don't have a big boobs. I had a story to tell here. I know my ethics but this is just a warning from my experiences.

Once upon a time (I'm not that old, what I mean is few years back) in one of my class, a petite girl with a big boobs attended my class. She was pretty, fit and was wearing a tiny sport bra. She was quite an eyes candies for most people, especially for guys. During the lying down poses, her tiny sport bra were too small for her, it gone up a little and she revealed her boobs. She never noticed it and continued until the end of the class. It was lucky enough as I'm a normal girl who doesn't put much attention on her leaks and the guys were at one corner at the back.

Wondering what if I'm a normal guy... or I'm a guy practitioner who was just next to her... Hmmm... I think I would be losing my focus to the class... most probably 'sinful' thoughts will happen.


  1. haha.. ok.. if i were beside her... i think i cannot concentrate at all! all standing pose sure wil goyang goyang oledi.. haha.. I think i have to search for some new yoga clothes today... ;) Happy weekend...

    BTW, my butt still pain!

  2. Enjoyed browsing thru your blog! I'm enchanted!

  3. Erica: Why have to search for new yoga clothes? What u wear was still alright...

    Daryl:Thanks for your comment.

  4. due to last few months i'd rearrange my wardrobe, many of my clothes i've donate to XXX (some society) n now i only realise, I only left a few piece of sport (yoga) clothes.... hm... maybe another excuse for me to shopping... wahahahha