Sunday, November 15, 2009


16th November 2009
Me an Monica, already planned to go for a massage again, we are heading back to Wisma Merdeka for our massage and food. Fara tried the massage on Sunday, she said that she still prefer the one in City Mall, but me and Monica felt this is better, after the massage, we still think this was better. I found out, Fara massuer was Cat, so I asked the boss whether all the massuer using the same technique, boss said Elsie and Yati have the same technique. Maybe that's the reason Fara don't get a good massage as we do.

13th November 2009
My off day, time to go for massage, the new group exercise schedule nearly kill me, extremely exhausted, body start to ache. I must post this because I think this is the best massage place to go if you're looking forward to clear your body blockages, muscle tightness, cure your injury and even help you slim down the area you want to, always ask them to massageor focus more on your problems area or tight muscle area. If you want faster result, must go for deep tissue massage or traditional massage with a harder (strong) pressure using oil. Warning! Extremely painful, really strong and hit the your problem area all the time, very accurate pressure point and the pushing flow really help you to clear up your blockage and wind in your body. Fee charges for 1 hour massage is RM50, me and Monica went for a 1hr 30min massage, cost us RM75 each person. Michelle, Banes and Allison I think you all should go to Wisma Merdeka for your massage, you'll definitely slim down in a faster rate and have a good time shouting in the massage room, get yourself ready, extremely painful, haha, you'll want to punch the masseur most of the time. My recommendation, masseurs name Elsie (good technique/medium strength), Yati (good technique/hard strength upon request) and Cat (medium to hard strength, technique slightly different) they're good. Call before you go, if you want specific masseur, ok.

Lot No. A231, A233, 2nd Floor,
Wisma Merdeka, Phase1,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Tel: 088-258829
H/P: 012-8036665, 016-8133065
Owner name: Jane Lee/ David Voo


  1. Will definitely go and try this. After going to the one in Citymall, though a bit, after 1 month, my calve is visibly smaller ^___^ (except during PMS week.. it got bigger due to... I dunno =__= hormone? and after period, it got smaller back. Haha!)

    Anyways, thanks for recommending!

  2. Ok. I'll go tomorrow and try Yati/Elsie next ^__^ Probably will make it a routine, as in weekend - massage in Wisma Merdeka, Weekdays - massage in Citymall for convenience sake. Did they charge any tax? Coz when I went with my sis for an hour session, they charge us RM105. (Extra RM5) I was in the washroom when my sis helped me to pay. So I didn't get to ask XD

  3. Nope, no tax. Ask them next time you go there, how can they charge you extra.
    I'll say "Yati" the masseur I prefer, good technique, right strength and trigger point. If you prefer City Mall one, then just go there, cause only you will know which one can bring you more results :)

  4. Fuh! I finally went for a second time yesterday. Yati rocks! Hahahahahaha! Now am feeling it. Enjoyed the pain. When she massaged my arm, I was texting on facebook with my phone and didn't concentrate on the pain. But AFTER the massage, 5 small spot bruises came out on the left forearm and 2 on my right forearm XD Macam kena torture hahahaha. Am going back again probably Friday or Weekend.

    Oh! Since I pretty much showed her my 'stone face' (as if I don't feel anything), Yatie got worried if I even felt her HARD/STRONG massage. Padahal... I was cursing and crying inside. Hahahahaha! *die fats.. dieeeeeeeeee!!!!!*