Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rest Up to Tone Up

Believe it or not, you can sculpt a tighter, sexier body by doing absolutely nada. Allow me to explain: When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, rest and recovery are just as important as all those sweat sessions.

Here's why: When you exercice, you break down muscle fibers; as the fibers heal, they become stronger. It's that healing process that reshapes your body, but it happens only when you give your muscles a break. So do your body good by taking a day off from your training.

Trust me, you'll get fitter faster if you build recovery days into your workout plan.

Get enough z's

Being sleep deprived messes with your hormone levels and depletes your energy, resulting in infective workouts and craving for sugar as quick energy. What's more your body repairs itself best when you're asleep.

Need some motivation, recent study at Stanford University had 1,000 volunteers report the number of hours they slept each night. The people who go less than 8 hours of sleep per night had higher body fat content.

Take a rest (day off)

Allow at least 24 hours between workouts and give yourself at least one day off every week. Usully 3 to 4 days training is the most your body can handle. In fact, you can get amazing resultss with just 2 to 3 times a week. A hard workout won't help if you don't build adequate recovery time.


The healing process sometimes creates adhesions or scar tissue, those "knots" in your mucles that hurt like hell. Recovery routine, massage away those adhesions and help keep your body in peak, pain-free condition.

Listen to you body

Ignoring muscle soreness or tightness is like continuing to drive your car when the "check engine" light flashes on the dashboard, it just going to set you up for bigger problems. If you start to feel pain during exercise, pause to stretch or stop your workout completely. Even better, take some time to stretch before or after your workout to keep your body running it best.

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  1. i totally agree with you on this topic. my problem is that i don't get enough sleep :(