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About Angeline & Monica and Private Yoga Session

Graduated in TAFE International Western Australia, 2000, with Certificate III&IV in Health and Fitness Course, achieving the asian best student awards. Having a fitness background of almost 19 years and being a professional personal trainer in well-knowned clubs in Asia, Angeline had never gave up on improving her flexibility. Her first encounter with yoga was during her school day in Australia, she believe it is the most effective way of improving her flexibility, since then, she started a daily yoga practice. For Private Yoga session WhatsApp ANGELINE: +6016-826 2812 (Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area)
Being tired of her hectic life as a personal trainer cum fitness manager, she took up a yoga teacher training program organized by the largest yoga studio in South East Asia, to further her knowledges. Also, she is a graduate of The Institute Of Indian Yogatherapy, being certify for the application of AncienYogic System for therapeutic purpose as well as for Physical and Mental well being under guidance. Continued education in  Oct 2013 - Destination study in Casperia, Italy and is now certified in Vinyasa Yoga from Dristhi Yoga Teacher Training and registered teacher at Yoga Alliance.
Understanding the human body has always been her main interest. To satisfy her curiosity in human anatomy and physiology, she attended a sport massage course in UK and was well-trained as a therapeutic massage therapist for sport injuries. Since then,she had continues to studies various treatment for sport injuries including the chinese traditional ways.
Her long relationship with fitness and her deep knowledges in yoga and human bodies had a great impact on her teaching. Angeline focused more on safety and postural limitations. She teach a medium flowing sequences of postures, focusing on the correct alignment without exceeding the postural limitations. Her style is more to enlivening and making people feel more active. She believes yoga practices is meant for everyone without an age limits but provided in a safety way.
  • Health & Fitness in Gym Instruction, Olympic Weight Lifting, Advanced Resistance and Circuit Technique, Nutrition Principles and for Performance, Functional of Anatomy, Performance Evaluation, Aqua Fitness Technique, Workplace Safety and Health, Client and Customer Service, Adv Computer Operation.
  • Premier Training International United Kingdom - Nottingham '04 - Sport Massage Therapy.
  • YZ ACADEMY (Malaysia) and INSTITUTE OF INDIAN YOGATHERAPY - INDIA (Kolkata) '07 - Hatha Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga.
About Angeline
About Monica Discovered yoga in 2004,while working as a fitness instructor in a well-known gym in Asia.Growing up with a weak body and inactive lifestyles, suffering from overweight, asthma and scoliosis, Monica decided to change her lifestyles and signed up as a member in a gym under the guidance of Angeline, who was a professional personal trainer cum fitness manager. Soon after she adapted to her new lifestyles, going to the gym had became one of her routine. She worked as a part time fitness instructor in the gym while pursuing a full time professional accounting course. Although weights training and cardio training have improved her health, it wasn't a complete work out for her yet. With the encouragement of Angeline, she took up a yoga session in the gym and it was like a love at first sight to her. Her yoga journey begins when she joined the largest yoga studios in Asia. Integrating yoga practice in her daily life not only improving her health and physical body but also bring lightness in her mind and improves her hot temper and softens her heart into peace and harmony. She is a graduate of the Shivaananda teacher training program in 2005, and is grateful for the opportunity to share her love for yoga with others by being one of the youngest teacher in the largest yoga studios in South East Asia. Since then, she had continued to studies various different styles of yoga from different teachers. She had attended workshops and other teachers training programs to deepened her knowledges. Due to her diverse knowledge of her teachers, Monica had a wide range of expertise in yoga. Trained in classical Ashtanga yoga style, Vinyasa style, yin yoga as well as Pilates, Monica's focused is on building the core strength and deepening the awareness of the relationship between the body, the breath,and our state of mind. She teach precise awareness of alignment in the postures, through the medium of graceful, flowing sequences in synchrony with the breath. Her style is both meditative and enlivening, balancing the active and passive sides of our nature.
Experiencing a bad body posture due to scoliosis, she has always had a keen interest in finding the optimum ways of working to produce strong and pain-free backs and hips. Monica's highly regarded as remedial deep-tissue and trigger-point therapy massage therapist. Her skills of massage therapy and her long relationship with yoga have produced a special understanding related to postural limitations and how to work in yoga to promote optimum results.
About Private Yoga Session and charges  Our Private Yoga Class allows you to get a more personalized experience, taking your yoga practice to a deeper level. You can book a private class either as an individual or with your own small group (maximum 6 people). Private yoga class is designed specifically for you, taking into consideration your body type, fitness level, stress level, and your personal health goals. It is the most effective and the fastest way to reach your goals.
Classes can take place in your hotel, home or other location (please prepare your own yoga mat). Our private yoga classes are designed for people who want to practice at their own pace in a private setting. It's also a perfect solution for everyone who has a busy or irregular work schedule that makes it difficult to attend regular group classes.
Whether your goal is to release stress, lose weight or just need to energize up, Yoga is the answer for you with the benefit below: *Have Fun, helps you relax and relieve stress *Helps lose weight and maintain weight permanently *Helps you focus, boost your energy level and balance up your lifestyle *Improve flexibility and tone up you body *Relieve back pain and cure disease
Everyone can do Yoga, our classes are designed for beginners to experienced yoga students. Your age, flexibility or past experience doesn't matter....all you need to do...get started now!!! 
Private Classes Fees - from RM200-RM400 per session of 90mins - 120mins (One on One training or Maximum of 6 people) *Charges are taking into consideration base on location or venue*
Hire me for 1 whole month with the maximum of 20 Yoga sessions, Charges: RM3500
Hire me for 1 whole month with the maximum of 40 Yoga sessions, Charges RM5000
Special request of 2 Yoga Teacher in 1 session, Charges: RM350-RM500 (depends on location)
*Charges for Tremor Yoga/ Vibration Stretch per session (90-120mins), RM500
My younger sister "Monica" ( above: seated split)
Type of Yoga/Training available:
Power Yoga, Flow Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yogalates, Tremor Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Detox Yoga, Fat Burning Yoga and Pilates
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