Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Ride @ Celebrity Fitness - Juice Works @ Mid Valley - Homecooked Dinner @ Northpoint, Mid Valley

Started my day with an early 90 minutes freesytle cycling class at 9:30am with the Halloween Ride Themed. Awesome class conducted by our Spinning Master Trainer "Alex". After a great cycling class, hydrating myself with a tall great glass of Apple Carrot Juice + 1 shot of Wheat Grass juice. It has been ages I have not dine at home, mum did ask me to eat in everyday but I told her don't cook for me cause I'm going for food hunting for my food blog. Once in a while, you will feel missing the homecooked food so much, I guess finding the balance of everything are importants. Homecooked food are healthy, nutritious, economy and clean.
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