Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mountain Bike Shoes for Indoor Cycling, Kuala Lumpur

Early this morning I brought Elaine to this Bicycle shop, shopping for her indoor cycling shoe. We took a cab, cost us RM16, reached there bit early, shop not open yet so we went for breakfast around that area. Dim Sum for breakfast at Restoran Key Hiong. This post is actually information for all my indoor cycling members, there are a few bicycle shop that you can get your cycling shoes, all friendly service and proffessional. Remember to buy mountain bike shoe for indoor bike.  
RM504 (After Discount RM390 + Shoe Click RM60), EU Size 39.5

EU Size 38

EU Size 37

You can call and order (Will Send over by courier, charge under you on arrival)
You can try this other Bicycle Shop

Gel Seat, RM60

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