Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

Chinese New Year holiday gone with the wind as soon as Monday comes, what left was just a beautiful memory in our heart. After a year of ups and downs, finally a family re-union and spend some precious times together.

It had been 3 years since the last time I celebrated Chinese New Year in KL. Everything seems so fresh and warm. From my memories, as Chinese New Year came by, KL will turned out to be a quiet town, it was true when people said 'things changes as times passes by'. I was truly surprised to see a happening town in KL this year.

Meeting my beloved mother, sister, brother and my doggy was the most precious moment during Chinese New Year. As we grew up older, finding times for each other seems to be getting harder and harder. Its been quite some times since I felt the fun and warmness in my family after I left KL. (Thank God for giving me such a loving and caring family members.)

A busy week in KL never seems to be enough for all of us. Spending most of our times together, eating from KL-Taiping-Penang, visiting relatives, watching movie, singing karaoke, chit-chatting and hanging out together had failed to make us feeling exhausted. In facts, it makes us appreciated each other more. Never do I realized that I was so lucky to had a great brother and sister.

After a great holiday to recharged ourselves, it is times to get back to work again. In this bad economy situation, may all of us work hard together to overcome it. Good luck to my beloved brother and sister!!

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